Welcome to the website of Sivi Davey 

Welcome to my website. I am Sivi Davey, a potter, sculptor and printmaker based near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

I trained in studio ceramics with my father, John Davey, one of Scotland's leading potters, before studying sculpture and printmaking at art college in Dundee. I now produce a range of high quality, hand-crafted, sculptural pieces for the garden environment; from unique stoneware birdbaths and individually modelled ceramic cats to carved wood sculptures using locally sourced hardwoods.

I find a rich source of inspiration in the woodlands and countryside around my home, and the forms and rhythms of twisted leaf, craggy bark, fungus scales, burst seedpod and the record of movement and time contained therein.

The work I create retains strong elements of its original organic inspiration, while usually being abstract in  form.

iconic cats
work on paper