Work on Paper

2D work takes the form of charcoal drawings and one-off, or very limited edition, prints. Often the charcoal drawings are the starting point for a theme, and are observed studies drawn from life... for example, a dead twisted leaf, or a burst seedpod. The idea may then be developed further as a monoprint or collagraph.

The printing plates I use are Perspex or thin sheets of copper or steel, on which I create an image, drawing directly onto the plate, using oil-based printing inks, applied with a variety of brushes, rollers and other tools. This by its nature will only produce one single image, as the process of taking the impression on the paper virtually destroys the image on the plate.

On occasions I make a plate, or a related series of plates, from thin board, on which an image is built up using various materials. This creates a relief collagraph plate.

Although it is possible to take a very limited number of identical prints (usually not more than five), more often I use the collagraph plate to produce a number of one-off prints. Often I put the paper print through the press several times, each time using a different plate, inking up each time using different coloured inks and a different combination of plates, or with certain areas masked off.  This builds up a richly layered and complex image.


For anyone wishing to try these techniques for themselves, please feel free to contact me for information on occasional printmaking workshops, held at my studio near Jedburgh.